Inc. is a web design firm. This is what we do. We don't mess with business cards, stationery, magazine ads, brochures, and all the other paraphernalia of the business world. We believe there is a place for all that — but it's not at

Here at we focus on the web. Period. And yes, we can — and do — integrate all of those items that you have accumulated and worked so hard for in creating your business identity.

Our state-of-the-art web and graphic design, online commerce solutions and web hosting options offer your business and personal interests an effective, creative and productive outlet.

Please contact us for a free personal consultation. Our exclusive one-on-one working style sets us apart, and ensures that your vision is translated to the web with integrity and style.

About is a boutique web design firm that specializes in custom web solutions. We don't do "paper design" — our entire focus is on the web and electronic media. This enables us to dedicate ourselves entirely to our clients' website needs.

Since 1998 we have provided website design services to both small and large businesses. Our clientele is varied: Socially motivated and environmentally concerned nonprofits, real estate brokers, artists and artisans, musicians, animal service providers including veterinarians, boarding facilities and dog trainers, other animal lovers, B&Bs, book publishers, and assorted others have availed themselves of our web design services.

Every client is special to us. Each project is a new challenge, deserving our imagination, creativity and technical know-how.



Conceptual design and graphic representation of your business on the Web

We design websites. We do not design brochures or other business identity documents. Many companies "specialize" in establishing an identity for your business. Our services help achieve that goal, but we limit our attention to your web presence.

We go a long way to get this right: Whenever possible, we will meet with you at your location and learn who you are and how you work, as well as what your products or services are. In this way we can knowledgably communicate your message on your website.

If we are performing a web design service "long distance" — meaning via phone and email, we are relentless in requesting photos, brochures, and discussion about your business. We firmly believe that a website should belong to the client, i.e., it should represent the client's business presence — not ours.

Our personal approach is augmented by our strong technical capabilities. We offer graphic design services, XHTML, JavaScript, streaming video and audio, and dynamic database programming.




Site Maintenance Options

After your new website has been launched, it's the beginning of a long relationship with — if you want your website to work for you. It's good to think of your website as a young garden; care for it well and it will develop into a valuable asset. Visitors will faithfully be returning to your site if you add content frequently; in fact, if your site remains static your visitorship will fall off. So in your everyday business dealings it's advantageous to think of how anything you are doing can be reflected on the site — and how the site can reflect back on your business. Inc. has two options for management of your site's content:

We do it for you (well, almost; we still need you to supply us with the material): We will post your new text and images at your request. We generally post small changes the day we receive them; larger changes take proportionately longer.

Content management systems: Some of our clients wish to update their websites themselves. We applaud and support this decision. When this is the case, we design the site with this in mind using an assortment of solutions including Wordpress configured as a content management system and proprietery software that enables the client to make changes to individual pages on a site.

The initial cost to configure the site for this functionality is easily recouped within the first few months after a site's launch. The benefits to the client are manifold: a cost saving over our quite reasonable site maintenance fees, and the ability for the client to modify the site whenever desired, with no waiting. A fresh, constantly changing, dynamic site is far more interesting to web visitors than a static site, and will bring more traffic to your website.



Web Hosting

As an Inc. client, you have many choices of webhosting services. Our first choice is that you host with us. We provide reseller hosting services with, a reliable US-based hosting company. You could host your website with them directly, of course, but if you go through you will have a local contact for technical issues, and we take care of all the details.

Our criteria for any hosting service are reliability, support, and features — balanced with a price that is fair. We keep your cost low with our reselling packages, and you won't be paying for services that you don't need.

Domain Registration is happy to register and manage its clients' domain names. We always name the client as registrant for the domain name but Inc. appears on the registry and acts as technical and administrative contacts. This means that you don't have to fear losing your domain because you missed an expiration date.

Search Engine Optimization

The following search engine optimization services are included in all of our web design packages:

  • Page titles that optimize key words and phrases for each specific page
  • Key word and phrase "meta" tags for each main page
  • Keyword-rich "Alt tags" for all graphic images used in your site
  • Standards-compliant coding, which enables the search engines to locate the information they need to index your pages

Please see our section on Marketing your site and business for more information.


Marketing your site

“If you build it they will come” - NOT NECESSARILY!

Not if it's a website, they won't -- unless you promote the site.

It's a Catch-22: You're building a website to promote your business, but this cannot happen unless you promote your website.

How can you promote your site and reap the benefits for your business?

Here are a few suggestions that you can implement:

As the owner of the business and the website, you must make certain that your current and potential clients are aware of your website address — so refer them to the site for information. This means, of course, that the info should be on the site.

  1. Your web address should be included on all brochures and other advertising materials, letterhead, invoices, business cards and correspondence. This includes email!
  2. If you're selling a product, the web address should be imprinted on a label or embedded in the product (please don't do this if you're selling live animals).
  3. Your busy and "away" phone messages should refer your callers to the website.
  4. Give them a reason to visit your site other than to purchase your products or services. Teach them; inform them.
  5. Keep your content fresh. Change/add content regularly. People don't come back to a static site often. Make it worth their while to return!
  6. Links to your site are very helpful. Ask your friends and business associates to link their sites to yours. It's best to ask them yourself, since you know them, rather than having your web designer do it. Most business people are glad to link to you if you will reciprocate – it helps them too! (You'll need to ask your web designer to add their links.) Here are a few suggestions for whom to invite:
  • Professional associations you belong to.
  • Local businesses.
  • Your suppliers.
  • Your satisfied customers/clients.

A savvy web designer will know what to do to help the search engines (like Google) find and rank your site. Here are some things you can ask your designer to implement:

  1. Utilize page titles that employ key words appropriate to the page content. You may need to help with keywords, especially if you have a somewhat esoteric business. You are the best person to get into your potential clients' heads and know what they might be searching for. Very specific keywords are most useful, but they should be realistic.
  2. Text that utilizes good keywords specific to your product or business, focused on each page and reflected in the page title, should be a goal.
  3. Code-compliant text, which means, among other things, that all graphics have "alt” tags, is most helpful, giving you an opportunity to include more keywords in a valid manner. "Alt" tags are included in the coding that comprises your website; they are the tags that cause titles to appear when you pass your mouse over an image.
  4. The use of cascading style sheets to format the page (which is recommended by W3C, the organization that determines the compliancy of code) will separate out the heavy formating coding and make it easier for the search engines to find the relevant text.
  5. Speaking of graphics: Graphics help to break up text and make the human visitor's stay on your site more pleasant. Be sure not to over-use graphics, however, and to be sure they are appropriate to the textual content. Also see our information on Flash intro pages. And don't forget the alt tags!
  6. A site map will enable the search engines to navigate your site more easily.
  7. Oh yes, have your designer list your site with the major search engines. Do not ask to have your site listed on 9,999 search engines; that's an exercise in foolishness. Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, for example, are more than enough since these are what most people use.


Our clients have given us many opportunities to express ourselves artistically as well as technically, and we are forever grateful to them for the privilege.

Some of's featured sites are shown on the right, and below is a partial list of our clients:


Pet Photography

Aha! You've found us out! The truth is we are not just all about websites... we love animals, and one of the things we love to do with animals is photograph them. We can photograph your pet(s) at your home or other location of your choosing. Our rates are reasonable and we believe our photos speak for themselves. Give a call or email us for details.

In the meantime, do check out our photography website.

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